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Reopen a Case

Last Updated:  December 12, 2017


There are five (5) events available for use to file a Motion to Reopen a Case;

Select the event according to the chapter of the case.




If you are reopening the case for the Judge to rule on a specific matter, you also need to file that specific motion.


Examples: Motion to Avoid Lien, Motion to Vacate Discharge or Dismissal, Motion for Sanctions, etc.


You can file a Multi-part motion in one document with one proposed order. (See Tips for Filing Motions)


Inactive / Retired Judge Listed

If an inactive / retired Judge for example, Judge Schwartz is lisetd on the case, refer to Administrative Order 17-01.

Note: File only the Motion to Reopen before the Chief Judge. Once Reopened, the case will be reassigned to a current Judge. You can then file your specific motion before the assigned Judge.



Reopen Case Filing Fee

A filing fee is required as outlined below.



Step-by-Step Procedures:

  1. Select [Bankruptcy>Motions/Applications]

  2. Enter case number and click Next

  3. Select Appropriate Reopen event from pick list and click Next

  1. Select Party from party pick list

  2. Click Next

  3. The PDF Document selection screen will display.

  4. A fee screen may display. If yes, click Next. If no, Skip to Step 10.

  5. The Hearing Screen will display.

  1. The Modify Text screen will display.  

    Click Next

The Final Text screen will display.  This is your final opportunity to modify the entry before submitting the filing.

  1. Verify the accuracy of the docket text

  2. Click Next to complete filing process

The Notice of Electronic Filing will display.  It is the verification that the filing has been sent electronically to the court.

Copies of this notice and the document filed are emailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.  You have a period of 15 days for a one time free look at the document filed.