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Tips for Filing Motions
Last Updated: August 31, 2017


  1. Notice of Motion, Certificate of Service and Motion must be saved as one PDF document


  1. The Proposed Order must be submitted as an attachment to all motions. Identify as Proposed Order from the dropdown list. If you need to file a Proposed Order after the motion is filed, please file with the event, Proposed Order.


  1. Amended Motion




  1.   Amended Notice of Motion/Hearing





  1. Your Motion Title should read the same as the Motion Event selected




  1. Multi-Part Motions - select a motion events for each motion part



  1. The document entitled " Required Statement to Accompany All Motions to Stay" must be filed as an attachment to Motions for Relief from Stay.


  1. The document entitled " Itemization of Services Rendered to Chapter 13 Debtor(s) " must be filed as an attachment to Chapter 13 applications for compensation.  


  1. The Court - Approved Retention Agreement (CARA), Local Form 23c, should be filed as an attachment to the chapter 13 application for compensation.  


  1. Citing specific references to the Bankruptcy Code and Rules is not necessary in the docket text.