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Amended Notice of Motion/Hearing
Last Updated: February 19, 2013

An Amended Notice of Motion/Hearing should be filed whenever the date, time, location or service list is being amended.

During the filing process, you will be prompted to relate to the original Notice of Motion and Motion or other filing.  

It is not necessary to re-file the motion or original document.  Relating the Amended Notice of Motion/Hearing to the original filing will insure that the appropriate Judge's call is updated.


Step-by-Step Procedures:

  1. Select [Bankruptcy or Adversary>Notices]

  2. Enter case number and click Next

  3. Select 1-Amended Notice of Motion\Hearing from event pick list and click Next

  1. Select Party from party pick list you represent and click Next

    The Attorney/Party Association screen may display.  If it does, click here.

The PDF Document selection screen will display.

  1. Click Browse button and navigate to locate the appropriate document/file

  2. View fileHighlight filename
    Right click on filename
    Select Open
    Review document
    Close window
    to verify the correct file is being selected

  3. Click Open button and filename will appear in the browse window and click Next

  4. A Selection screen will display:

  5. The Hearing Screen will display.

The following message will appear on the bottom of the Hearing Screen:

VERY IMPORTANT: ENTER the hearing date, time and location. FAILING to do so will result in the motion NOT being scheduled on the calendar for the Judge.

  1. A list of entries will display.

    Selection of an entry is mandatory.  

    If you do not relate to an existing entry, a message will display.

The Final Text page will display.  

  1. Verify the accuracy of the docket text

  2. Click Next to complete filing process

The Notice of Electronic Filing will display.  It is the verification that the filing has been sent electronically to the court.

Copies of this notice and the document filed are emailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.  You have a period of 15 days for a one time free look at the document filed.