Amended Schedules (Fee)
Last Updated: July 20, 2012

An amended schedule should be filed to add creditors, delete creditors, change the amount of the debt or change the classification of a debt.  A fee is charged for these changes.


Privacy Rule


Bankruptcy Rule 9037 requires that personal identification information define as individuals' Social Security and taxpayer identification numbers, names of minor children, financial account numbers, and dates of birth, be redacted from documents with the court.



Change of Address


When schedules are being amended to change the address of a creditor, you may file a change of address instead of filing an amended schedule.  There is not a fee to change an address.  See Change of Name and or Address for instructions.


Step-by-Step Procedures:

  1. Select [Bankruptcy>Other]

  1. Enter case number and click Next


  1. Select Amended Schedules D, E or F (Fee) from event pick list and click Next


  1. Select Debtor(s) from party pick list and click Next

The PDF Document selection screen will display.


  1. Click Browse button and navigate to locate the appropriate document/file


View fileHighlight filename
Right click on filename
Select Open
Review document
Close window
to verify the correct file is being selected


Click Open button and filename will appear in the browse window


  1. Click Next

  2. The Amended Schedule Selection Screen will appear

    Note: The Amended Schedules A-C or G-J (No Fee) event can be combined with this event; however, we recommend that the Amended Schedules A-C or G-J (No Fee) event be filed as a separate event. Refer to Amended Supplemental Schedules (No Fee).



  1. The Summary of Schedule page will display.  Note:  This page will contain figures if it was previously filled out when the case was filed or summary of schedules were filed or schedules were filed.



If the amended schedule is being filed on a case that was filed before 10/14/06, do not complete this screen.  




Update the total amount of appropriate box according to the amendment


Note:  The Total Dischargeable Debt (Computed) field automatically calculates the amounts entered in the field for schedules D, E, F and Total Type of Liability.


  1. Click Next


The Fee screen will display.


  1. Click Next


A blank screen will display.  


  1. Click Next


The Final Text screen will display.  This is your final opportunity to modify the entry before submitting the filing.

  1. Verify the accuracy of the docket text.  If not correct/if correct

  1. Click Next to complete filing process



Next, pay filing fee for amended schedules.


Electronic Payment

You have the option to:

Select one of the two options and close the window when done.



The Notice of Electronic Filing will display.  It is the verification that the filing has been sent electronically to the court.


Copies of this notice and the document filed are emailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.  You have a period of 15 days for a one time free look at the document filed.